Craig Steely Architecture

The Studio
Taking the classic modernist tradition as a starting point, the work of Craig Steely Architecture is known for its crisp lines and clarity of vision. Our focus is working with clients who share our enthusiasm for engaging the design process as a truly creative endeavor, exploring unique sites, and developing a singular architecture rooted to its context.

Architecture Team Members, 2000 to present: Luigi Silverman, Jason Torres, Steven Ohlhaber, Norberto Melendez, Seth Pare-Mayer, Chris Talbott, Mary Barensfeld, Ricardo Jnani Gonzalez, Ryan Leidner, Sarah Hobstetter, Toon Kantharoup, Adam Monkaba, Nagisa Yano, Anastasia Victor-Faichney, Kelvin Thengono, Andrei Hakhovich.

Photography: J.D. Peterson, Roger Casas, Daniel Gamburg, Sharon Risedorph, Rien van Rijthoven, Tim Griiffith, Cesar Rubio, Bruce Damonte.